Whether you find them in crevices, creeks or caves, it remains that crystals are gifts found, naturally occuring, on God’s green earth.  Bordering on mystical, each and every one possesses a vibrational frequency ~ one that is highly attuned to the energy of everything.  Humans also possess these vibrational frequencies, allowing for the connection, interaction and harmonious alignment with these natural gifts.

It was ten years ago, this month, when I first had an encounter with a gifted person and her knowledge of crystals.  I had lost my Mother the October before;  it was a tremendous loss, but we go on and heal.  Five months later, I am laying on  facial table preparing to receive gifted hands on my face.  As I lay there, tension builds between my shoulder blades; just a twinge of pain, which grew into feeling as though someone were standing on my chest.  She could see my discomfort, and as she addressed it, she placed something on my breast bone.   I felt the weight and asked what it was ~ “Rose  Quartz”,  she said, “it’s to help with emotional heart issues”.  It was then that I realized the amount of grief living in my heart.  Upon realizing this, the pain subsided and has only returned a few times  (I reach for the Rose  Quartz…every time).  I am forever grateful for this introduction, as it opens up a dialogue whenever there are physical symptoms.  Nature is the best medicine.

For some, they are simply beautiful to see ~ but, watch a child when they spot them and hold them ~  Inspiring, and so much more, for me.


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